WhatsApp new update 2021 | WhatsApp third party data sharing | why whatsapp share data

This is the grandfather of WhatsApp, which must be avoided

January 5
The following news may have reached you, if not read it carefully. WhatsApp’s new terms and its new policies will take effect on February 8. This app requires data sharing with Facebook, so almost all apps have messages, photos, and texts sent by us and you. But those apps can’t share them anywhere, because they promise to keep all of these things and keep them safe if they share any of them without our permission. Yes, they can be prosecuted, and they will have to suffer the consequences, but now WhatsApp says that they can share all your messages and all your photos anywhere anytime, maybe a message on your WhatsApp. If it has come, otherwise it will come now, it has come to me, it will have two options, one is Agree ie consent, and the other is Not Now ie not yet we will think and tell you. If you agree then your WhatsApp will work as before,


otherwise, it will be closed on February 8. Agree on consent means that you agree to all of WhatsApp’s terms, so if any of your messages or photos of you are shared by WhatsApp, no one in your household can sue. Why, because you agreed by clicking the Agree button. If you do not give your consent, your WhatsApp will be closed on February 8. These are the new WhatsApp instructions and new terms. In my opinion, Telegram or Signal is currently safe and secure apps. We have delivered this information to you in a timely manner. We request our friends to download Signal / Telegram, if WhatsApp does not withdraw its terms, then in a few days there will be a discussion on Signal / Telegram, InshaAllah, and if there is any post in your WhatsApp. Or save something else you need, or you’ll have to regret it later, God willing.

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