Upwork or Fiverr which one has become worst in 2021| Compare upwork and fiver in 2021 | How to start work on fiver and upwork

Upwork or Fiverr – Which One Has Become Worst in 2021?

I have been doing freelancing on Fiverr for the past almost 3 years and by now, have seen many things on this platform.

I have seen newly gigs created getting an order within 4 hours and I have seen top rated accounts falling at the bottom of the searches just like criminals who are put into jails ( some criminals are innocent but still go to the jail ☹️)

By doing a little smart work, you can always bring your gigs back into rankings.

Fiverr is a great platform for the newbies to start their career but the newbie should be smart enough to make his gigs and his services quality standout in the competition and most importantly, utilize the 10 bids that they get daily. Daily your remaining bids should reach to zero if you really want to kick off your career

These bids are not only for the new sellers, those whose rankings are down should also get clients from bids and keep their account running so that you can get your rankings back.

Keep in mind that, if you haven’t done anything wrong and still fiverr pushes your gigs down, then no need to worry because that is how their algo works, your gigs will be back in a month and if they do not come back after a month or two then it is a time to update your gigs and also create and work on new ones.

Now, let’s talk about upwork. Gone are the days when upwork used to be hard to get the job because of the connects. Now upwork offers upto 80 connects to the new sellers and with each successful interview, upwork gives you 10 free connects. What else do you need? What is stopping you from turning upwork upside down?

Nothing, just your fear and laziness.

Now upwork has also introduced their own gig system and honestly, Upwork is going to huge in the coming days.

However, there is a catch. If you are not expert in your field then do not think of upwork because if you get a client from one proposal either he will be a one time client for you or a lifetime client who will bring constant business to you because clients on upwork go through a long process of posting jobs and then reading all the proposals and then choosing the best one.

If the client has landed in your inbox and you have given him great quality then surely he won’t be doing that long process again to hire a freelancer and will always come to you and start the contract himself because he now trusts your services.

And if you haven’t provided him the great quality, consider yourself done and find another job and submit proposals again and again.

Based on this short analysis, you can conclude that both of these platforms are good but upwork is best and if you have tried both of them with all your effort and your heart and still things are not working then move to freelancer or people per hour or guru but never quit.

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