TikTok Star Ayesha Akram Leaked Full video & Complete information

TikTok Star Ayesha Akram Leaked Full video & Complete information

Investigation Reveals Ayesha Akram Planned Minar E Pakistan Incident As A Publicity Stunt With Her Partner Rambo

The controversial incident in Minar E Pakistan, which sparked national outrage and widespread public debate about the prevalence of violence and sexual harassment in Pakistan, has taken a new turn as new details emerge. According to sources, the encounter event was planned by victim Ayesha Akram herself together with her TikTokers team,

to collaborate with other TikTokers to grow the audience; a common practice among the TikTok community. One of her team members, known as Rambo, is reportedly a member of a television show called Sar-E-Aam that airs on the ARY news channel.

A statement from a security guard in Greater Iqbal Park revealed that Ayesha Akram, along with her team, came to meet and greet her fans on the eve of independence. According to the security guard, Ayesha had a chance to escape the scene once the crowd started harassing her, but she chose not to and she stayed there for more than two hours of her own free will. Subsequently, she refused to file a complaint with the police when they arrived at the scene.

Another lesser-known fact is that the men covering her were members of her team, and one of her team members known as Rambo is reported to be Ayesha’s fiancé.

In another video, her own team member can be seen touching her, the same team member who can be seen covering her as a bodyguard.

Previously, Ayesha Akram had made TikTok videos with her partner Rambo, who can be seen picking her up the same way she picked her up on August 14. This scene from Minar E Pakistan made many people believe that she was groped and sexually assaulted by the mob, but the man holding her turned out to be her team member Rambo.

Meanwhile, Ayesha Akram‘s Instagram posts never indicated that she was going through trauma after what happened to her in Minar E Pakistan, she was celebrating August 15 as if nothing had happened a day before. After the video of her in Minar E Pakistan went viral on social media, she realized that this issue was trending and she decided to ask for help from both the police and the media. Iqrar ul Hassan and Yasir Shami interviewed her and soon the mainstream media jumped on the train.

Actress Sanam Chaudhry said she was scared to the core when she saw the mob video, then said what surprised her was that Ayesha was so calm the next day after this incident, and she can’t digest that.

Mathira took to Instagram to express her opinion that Ayesha Akram has decided to collect on this unfortunate incident and cannot see any pain or trauma on her face.

Waqar Zaka also used the internet to tweet that the Minar E Pakistan incident was a publicity stunt and that he will investigate this incident to expose the truth, calling it a Pakistani dignity issue.

The Punjab police have set up a special investigation team to find out if the police did not respond to 15 calls, as Ayesha and Rambo now allege. An FIR has been registered against 400 men and the police are actively identifying and arresting those involved in this criminal assault.

Minar e Pakistan Incident: TikToker Ayesha Akram Demands Justice

TikToker woman Ayesha Akram spoke about the Minar and Pakistan incident that took place on Independence Day (August 14, 2021) and demanded justice from Prime Minister Imran Khan.

In an interview with Daily Pakistan, TikToker Ayesha Akram about the details of the Minar-e-Pakistan incident, where she was harassed by hundreds of unidentified men for a few hours before she was able to escape. Pakistani journalist Iqrar ul Hassan was also present at the interview.

“I did not wear obscene clothes, nor did I try to be vulgar there.” the girl said as she spoke about the disturbing incident in Lahore’s Greater Iqbal Park.

Ayesha Akram said that she and her friends tried to get help from the police, but got no response because the crowd was too big and they couldn’t escape the hundreds of men around them.

Prime Minister Khan learns of the Minar-e-Pakistan incident

Prime Minister Imran Khan has become aware of the horrendous incident in Minar and Pakistan and ordered the appropriate authorities to take immediate action against all those who harassed TikToker Ayesha Akram in Lahore’s Greater Iqbal Park.

The prime minister has spoken directly with Punjab Inspector General of Police (IGP) Inam Ghani about the incident in Minar and Pakistan, PTI leader Zulfi Bukhari said on Twitter.

Registered FIR

The First Information Report (FIR) has been registered by the Lahore Police on Ayesha Akram‘s complaint under Sections 354 A (assault or use of criminal force against the woman and stripping her of her clothes), 382 (robbery after preparations facts to cause death, harm or restraint to commit theft), 147 (riot) and 149 (illegal assembly) of the Pakistan Penal Code.

UPDATE: Punjab Police has said that NADRA is in the process of identifying everyone involved in the incident.

Minar-e-Pakistan Incident – What happened to TikToker Ayesha Akram?

TikToker Ayesha Akram was filming a video with her friends at Lahore’s Greater Iqbal Park near Minar-e-Pakistan on Independence Day when this incident took place and the girl was sexually harassed by 300-400 men, who went as far as to tear her clothes while passing her around between each other.

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