Finaly School open | latest news about 11 january 2021 school opening | when school open

Breaking news government of punjab is finally take decision about opening school ,college and university.Ministery of education today meeting agenda is that they finally reached some destinations that finally we will open school ,college and university in some step.1st we will open higher school school and higher classes will go to school after 11 january .This is not authentic news and situation of covid 19 will decided more when finally school ,college and university minister murad raas and wazir e education shafqat mehmood

just do meeting with cm and pm .Finally every news channels share some news that 1st 9th class to 12th class will go to school in 1st phase.In 2nd phase middle portion open from 25 january to onwards after that primary portion will open.These situation is just for higher and middle and primary portion school.University and post graduate college will open when higher section school open normaly.Stay tune with sahil education and comments for further authentic information we get and we shared with our young generation.

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