18 january school open by murad raas | latest news about school opening 2021 | exam date may

Education Minister Murad Rass has said that the biggest loss from Corona was to the education of children. Will be open from February 1 regularly inshaAllah.

Punjab Education Minister Murad Rass has said that if schools have to be closed again, they will be closed. More than 50 per cent children will not come to schools at a time. He said that some people are saying that there should be examinations in August. The exams are in May, the education minister said, adding that this time no child is being promoted without an exam.Now finally date for opening school has announcements.This is good news for our young children to get education ,education minister murad raas said that if school is not open yet this time school will close for whole year this is gesture for closing school.First 9th and 10th class go school in the month of january 18 after that situation about covid 19 than february 1 school and other education will finally open primary ,middle and High section for all children

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