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Ehsaas program

Ehsaas program is launched by prime minister Imran Khan in March 27, 2019, Ehsaas program overcomes the poverty and this program leads the poor people to the prosperity whose can’t need their basic requirements. It has many types but here few are described below:

  • 1)Ehsaas waseel aTaleem
  • 2)Ehsaas scholarship
  • 3)Ehsaas rashan portal
  • 4)Ehsaas emergency loan
  • 5)Ehsaas Lungers
  • 6)Ehsaas Nashunuma

This program for students,formers ,labours,orphans,homeless, disabled and widow women also.This program is started during the corona crisis.

ehsaas program cash 12000 cnic check online registration nadra website 2021 2

ehsaas program cnic check online registration

It’s information is checked by Ehsaas portal and a SMS by 8171 who’s have not valid CNIC number for this program or valid the code will send you a message.

ehsaas program 12000

Now a days 12000 scheme is going on which is valid for a one person of a family who’s deserve it.There are about 134 policies which are followed for this program.

These policies show the eligibility of a person or not. Recently, Imran Khan launched the new scheme “koi bhoka nai souy GA “which is very vast thinking about the extreme poor people.

Prime minister Imran Khan ehsaas emergency program

it has every step is leading day by day bout the whole areas of Pakistan. Every young man is also now a days think about the poor people and overcome their poverty and it is doing according their views.

Nobody can’t reject or disappoint from these views of Prime minister Imran Khan. If this program is not stop then there will be no big difference between rich and poor people, they will same wear and eat.

Article writer: Bushra Batool

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